The Permaculture Teaching Gardens

The Gardens mission at Pacific View has three prongs: 1) the creation of an outdoor ecology center - installing a permaculture teaching garden next to the historic schoolhouse; 2) the botanical and agricultural history of Encinitas, landscaped around the perimeter of the site, from native vegetation to olives and grapes and lima beans to fruit groves to flowers to organic vegetables; 3) to showcase sustainable water collection, recycling and distribution systems, best practice soil regeneration, organic growing, composting, zero waste and low carbon footprint energy creation and consumption, including passive building heating and cooling, in order to achieve our net-zero energy use goal for the site.

The Old Schoolhouse, built in 1883, was originally equipped with gardens for each student to learn the arts of farming, at the time the only local industry. We will bring back and demonstrate that knowledge of traditional and modern food growing and preparation skills on site, and then take these programs out to K-12 schools and into the suburbs. There will be shady places to study in the gardens, outdoor furniture and sculpture, interpretive displays as well as rare vernal pool habitat with related native flora and fauna.

The Swamis Marine Protected Area will be featured in an interpretive exhibit celebrating the underwater park's unique mix of plant and animal ecologies that abut the Encinitas coastline in front of Pacific View, extending from Cottonwood Creek at Moonlight Beach south to Seaside bluffs, including the San Elijo Lagoon and State waters to three miles out. This successful ocean plant, fish, invertebrate, bird and marine mammal nursery, breeding and feeding station, is part of California's large interconnected MPA network, serving the entire CA coast, the only network in the world like it. The Swamis MPA celebrated its fifth year this January. Abundant marine life is a critical element in maintaining clean, clear coastal waters, acting as filters and consumers of everything that flows to the sea from our local watershed.