The Pacific View Academy of Arts, Culture and Ecology

The initial PVAA campus will utilize all of the existing school buildings and covered areas. Plans include the complete rehabilitation of the facilities, roof cap, flashing, gutters, water collection tanks, windows, doors, ceilings, painting inside and out; ADA bathrooms, plumbing, solar electrics, hazardous natural gas and piping eliminated, passive heating and cooling, gates, new entry gates, fencing, hardscape and pervious materials to replace the asphalt. Any hazardous materials will be remediated. 

We will recreate the original handsome and durable International Style classroom structure, adhering to state historic building codes, and seek City historic cultural resource designation for the site that includes the 1883 schoolhouse.

Legendary architect Mies van der Rohe presenting his "International Style" noted for open interiors, glass facades and sleek minimalist lines.

The Pacific View Academy of Arts, Culture and Ecology will open its doors to artists and the community once the transformation of the buildings and grounds is complete. It will take a year or two to establish the anticipated arts and cultural programs and membership required to fully fund, populate and operate PVAA; a self-sustaining arts and commerce hub that will entertain a steady stream of interested and interesting users and visitors...and earn Pacific View a star on every California cultural tourism map.

                                             Conceptual rendering of rehabilitated Pacific View
School by San Diego architect Drew Hubbell.