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Pacific View School

The Site: Pacific View Elementary School is located at 608 Third Street, Encinitas, California, about 2.9 acres bounded by E and F Streets, one half block from the beach. Currently most of the site is an asphalt lot with three classroom buildings constructed in 1953 and disused since closing in 2003. The original one-room 1883 Schoolhouse remains in its historic location (the highest elevation in old Encinitas);  restored, owned and operated by the Encinitas Historical Society. Site owner: The City of Encinitas; Designated Leaseholder: the EACEAlliance. 

Site Transformation: In this conceptual site plan drawn by Mimi Vreeland, Landscape Designer, the site will be transformed by the restoration and rehabilitation of the existing structures and the installation of extensive perimeter gardens representing the history of Encinitas agriculture from natives to fruit groves, flowers fields and hothouses, to the current emphasis on organic vegetables. A permaculture teaching garden will surround the old schoolhouse. Water will be harvested from roofs and pavement and stored in large cisterns for distribution via drip irrigation to the far corners of the site. An extensive soil regeneration project is planned for the ancient sand and gravel beach ridge soil composition of this part of Encinitas, at one time deep under sea a million years ago. Pervious vehicle access, parking and emergency vehicle access roads will improve the water absorption capacity of the site and conform with City drainage regulations and Federal ADA access laws.

Aerial footage of Pacific View School courtesy of Scott Chatfield and