The Arts Curriculum

The Arts Curriculum at Pacific View will showcase a full spectrum of fine, folk, performance and commercial arts: Painting, sculpture, writing, songwriting, poetry, design, drawing, basketry, fine carpentry, pottery, mosaic, photography; Performance, poetry, music, singing,  bands, recording, dance, ballet, theatre, acting, public oratory, comedy, modeling, surfing, circus arts, yoga; and commercial arts such as architecture, advertising, printing, publishing, 3D printing, computer-created art, website design, film, video, fashion, costume, set design, makeup, sewing, culinary arts, surfboard design and innovation; Art therapy, arts in leadership, art education, for profit and nonprofit corporate structure, trademarks, patenting, and arts' entrepreneurship. 

All arts showcases and displays will be live, with the creator both practicing and teaching their art to at least one to five students. The classrooms will be a lively combination of show and tell and creation. The multiple connections and interactions between these commercial and fine arts and crafts will create a productive, sustainable ecosystem where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, benefitting the community, local and regional arts groups and business.